Service with a promise…

Todd’s Car Wash

Rebranding Todd’s Car Wash was one of those projects that wasn’t just about the logo, it was about lots of little changes that told the customer how much they care.

We added art tables with car wash themed coloring pages to the waiting room to keep the kids occupied, while the adults had wifi access and seats that meant they could see the team detailing their car. I used what I refer to as my ‘customer happiness curve’ to research when people are most happy*, and was surprised to find that it wasn’t when they drove away in their newly clean car. By the time customers left they just wanted to get on with their other errands, we wanted them to smile at that moment and so I created a simple thank you that was hung from their mirror when the job was complete (and yes, we added candy).

Todd’s also introduced Veteran days, where those who served the country were honored as their cars were cleaned. Thank yous and donuts were plentiful.

The logo was redesigned in a retro style to bring back memories of times that were simpler and good service was an everyday value. The Todd’s Promise featured prominently on the back of the staff t-shirts (the side that was facing the customer as the cars were worked on) – Always professional, Always friendly – a promise that reflected the values of the company.

Fun items like Christmas cards for business customers, loyalty cards, and seasonal themed logos for their facebook page provided those extra little touches that say a company cares.

*customers were actually most happy when they pulled into the car wash, knowing they were about to cross another job off their to-do list.