Hello. I’m Aileen. Nice to see you here.

I’m going to admit it upfront – I’m slightly obsessed with branding – no, not just your logo, although having a good logo helps. Your brand is what people think about you, what they experience when they use your product or service, visit your store or recommend you to friends. I work with clients (big and small) to make every interaction special. I care more than most about the little things: I often say “If a store can make me smile with their OPEN sign then I automatically believe they sell great (insert any item here).” I partner with my clients to find out what values, characteristics and qualities they have already, and help make them into a – genuine – stand out in their market – reach the right audience – get them talking – brand.

I have a background that gives me unique insight into both the creative and business sides of professional life, spending many years as a graphic designer and then becoming  professional speaker* and consultant helping companies with customer service and communication. Having this range of experience means I care about both the creativity and the results we get.

I also have a lot of fun with illustration having recently had my first solo show. I write a regular column in the local paper and have published couple of books (I’ve just started work on my next one). I also host a show on public radio (KRVS) called Out to Lunch, where interesting business conversations take place over delicious food.

I am currently based in Louisiana (which explains the delicious food) but have kept my English accent, sarcasm and quirkyness. I often travel for work (and fun) – most of my work means I can be based anywhere and I like to take advantage of that. When I am home I work from my white minimalist studio in my backyard with the help of a large white dog called Blue.

“Aileen doesn’t just design logos, signs, or websites—she designs customer experiences.
What Aileen notices can transform a business. She says it’s often the little details that determine how customers feel about your business. The look on the receptionist’s face. The smell in your hallway. The sign in your bathroom. The attitude of the staff when they are on a break, the dust bunnies in the corner, the notes behind the counter, the number of ways you can make your customers smile during one visit.”

Mark McGuinness, Creativity Coach, Author.

*as a speaker I won the title ‘Top Humorous Speaker in the UK and Ireland’ from Toastmasters International

“Aileen Bennett is as full of energy as she is ingenious ideas.
Her ability to think outside of the box, and elevate your brand in unimaginable ways is priceless!”

Aileen took our fledgling Foundation and created a strong brand identity that reflected the good we do as a community-owned, nonprofit hospital system. She didn’t just make things look pretty (although she does that well), she gave us a voice and personality that helps us communicate.

Aileen understands branding on many levels. She takes complicated and disparate information and creates a brand that is simple, beautiful and often very clever. She added a creative energy that pushed the whole team forward.

In addition to being excellent at brand creation, refreshment and advancement, Aileen also brings a strong entrepreneurial sense and business acumen to any consultative engagement. I highly recommend Aileen and are absolutely willing to serve as a referential client.

“Aileen Bennett is a breath of fresh air when you’re in need of branding. Whether you’re an established brand or a start-up, her ideas are smart, original and inspired. And … her enthusiasm is infectious!”


“Aileen, just a brief note to say that I really enjoyed as well as learned from your recent presentation at our Superior HSE Leadership meeting in Broussard……Subsequent to your program, I polled a number of my colleagues as to the content, value, & participation……they unequivocally said “it’s the best they have attended”


Aileen rocked her presentation on The Inward Facing Brand at Acadiana Society for Human Resource Management.  Her quick wit and British humor engaged the audience and brought a fresh perspective to the Human Resources profession.  As our members said, “It was a great and interesting time.  Very knowledgeable, witty guest speaker.” & “Content was spot-on and would love to hear more from her on other relevant topics.


In my opinion, Aileen is hands down one of the best presenters I have seen.