Aileen Bennett is a brand creating, business improving, clever thinking, staff motivating, customer pleasing, quirky-as-they-come designer and consultant, with a head (and a heart) for business.

She uses her English wit and sarcasm liberally (you have been warned).


“Aileen Bennett is as full of energy as she is ingenious ideas.
Her ability to think outside of the box, and elevate your brand in unimaginable ways is priceless!”

Aileen took our fledgling Foundation and created a strong brand identity that reflected the good we do as a community-owned, nonprofit hospital system. She didn’t just make things look pretty (although she does that well), she gave us a voice and personality that helps us communicate.

Aileen understands branding on many levels. She takes complicated and disparate information and creates a brand that is simple, beautiful and often very clever. She added a creative energy that pushed the whole team forward.

In addition to being excellent at brand creation, refreshment and advancement, Aileen also brings a strong entrepreneurial sense and business acumen to any consultative engagement. I highly recommend Aileen and are absolutely willing to serve as a referential client.

“Aileen Bennett is a breath of fresh air when you’re in need of branding. Whether you’re an established brand or a start-up, her ideas are smart, original and inspired. And … her enthusiasm is infectious!”


“Aileen, just a brief note to say that I really enjoyed as well as learned from your recent presentation at our Superior HSE Leadership meeting in Broussard……Subsequent to your program, I polled a number of my colleagues as to the content, value, & participation……they unequivocally said “it’s the best they have attended”


Aileen rocked her presentation on The Inward Facing Brand at Acadiana Society for Human Resource Management.  Her quick wit and British humor engaged the audience and brought a fresh perspective to the Human Resources profession.  As our members said, “It was a great and interesting time.  Very knowledgeable, witty guest speaker.” & “Content was spot-on and would love to hear more from her on other relevant topics.


In my opinion, Aileen is hands down one of the best presenters I have seen.




Collaborating with Aileen on our internal branding project was a major key to its success. Aileen brought color and warmth to our company values messaging and gave us tools to keep it all consistent in design and tone, across multiple uses. And, of course, she injected humor and whimsy into the copy and design – which you don’t find every day at financial institutions. As it turns out, those touches are the very things that keep our values statements fresh and relevant to staff.


Aileen took our core concepts and showed us how to expand their uses to unexpected places – from bathroom mirrors to frisbees to carvings in wood. In response, our staff has embraced our messaging, and they use the values statements on their own – in internal emails, intranet posts and on drawings on their whiteboards. It’s been a pleasure to see these concepts take on a life of their own, and we’re confident that Aileen’s work will be part of our company image for years to come.


Here are some examples of my work – I work with each client differently depending on what their brand needs.

Sometimes it’s the customer service that needs to be tweaked or the conversations between staff, that isn’t so easy to show here so I’ve included the more visual elements (so you have something pretty to look at).

You don’t always need a new logo, just a new way of looking at things.

If you click on the image you’ll find an explanation of why (the important bit).