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If your business is suffering because:

+ You haven’t quite found your market

+ Times changed, and you didn’t

+Your customers aren’t amazed and thrilled

+ You don’t have enough customers

+ Your marketing is all over the place – or non existent

+ Your businesses improved, but no-one noticed

+ You have no idea why

I can probably help you. I will come into your business, poke around on your website, sit in your reception area, experience your customer service, and take a good look at the voice and image you are putting into the world.

I will work with you to find the most cost-effective (think creative) way of increasing sales, service and smiles. From tweaking the notes in your bathroom to sweeping reform, together we will  make your business the success it should be. I arrive with an English accent, a knack for pinpointing things that make a difference, and a very large bucket of experience in making things better.

I can help you stand out, stand up, or perfect your somersaults. I will help you (re)discover what is unique and special about your business, and how to make your customers feel just as special.

I guarantee to over-deliver (none of this ‘under-promise’ stuff here) or I expect you to stop using me immediately! I’m not happy until you are brilliantly, incredibly and wonderfully thrilled (just like your customers should be). I’m happy working on any size project – or you can just rent my brain for a few hours to give you some insight and ideas.

You can always contact me with any questions – Call Me at +1 337 255 4283 0r send me an email – I’d love to hear from you.