What your brand looks like is obviously important. I help you find you own unique style, one that reflects your values, your personality and helps you stand out among the competition.  Whether that is some clever little idea to make your customers smile, a new brand launch or working with a Creative Team to fulfill a bigger agenda, I can make you look good.


 If what you need are some insights and ideas, and you want to take them and run with them, then we can do that too. I have worked with many companies to lead brainstorming sessions or simply let them pick my brain for a few hours. I haven’t found a way to send my brain by mail yet, but I’m willing to travel with it, or talk via whatever technology you are most comfortable with.


 Often you know you need something to change but you don’t quite know what or where to begin. I can help you.
  I investigate where you are now with a brand review – understanding what your existing brand is saying, the reputation it has, and what you need to change is always the first step. Then we look at where you want to be, and we figure out some creative options to get you there. A full report is provided and (as always) little extras are part of the package.


 The vocabulary that you use is as important as the images that represent your brand. Knowing your voice is vital – and is a great way to connect with your target customers or clients. Language is an often overlooked part of a brand – how you say things is just as important as what you say, and together we will find exactly the right words (and even put them in the right order).

I am the author of a couple of books, and have a popular column in the local paper where I interview interesting people (you can read the column here).


 I spent many years traveling the country and speaking about communication to businesses (think of me as a cynical motivational speaker.) I worked with many companies from the inside and learned a lot about how they ran behind the scenes, what motivated people and what made their customers and clients grin. I now mostly give speeches about creativity and why it matters in business (and believe me it does).
Before I left England I won the title of Top Humorous Speaker in the UK and Ireland (Toastmasters Intl) – luckily the US loves the English sense of humor too.

I also host Out To Lunch, a weekly radio show on our local public radio station. I get to sit down with interesting business people and talk about issues, ideas and idiosyncrasies. I learn a lot and we all have fun (and a great meal).


 I used to keep the quirky drawings that start in my notebook to myself but these days I share them more. This year I had my first solo show, illustrated a mural in the local hospital, and have just finished illustrating a children’s book about dogs (and a few cats).