Little clever things don’t always make much impact within big brands. We all notice when the sign on the locally owned butchers makes us smile,  but multi national brands often seem to only rely on letsspendmillionsofdollarsandappealtoeveryone school of thinking. Now obviously both have their place but when the big guys do something small and clever it makes me grin. And once you make me grin I’m sold.

The KFC Twitter account only follows 11 people. The Five Spice Girls and six men named Herb.

I don’t eat much of their chicken, I’m not really their customer base but I now follow them on twitter – and every time I see a tweet I’m reminded that somewhere in the organization is someone who appreciates subtle wit – and I would like to have coffee with that person.

When it comes down to it we all should feel like we’d like to have coffee with the brands that we choose to use. That, if they were a person, we’d like to hang out with them and think we would have something in common.

There is also a lot to be said for letting your customers join the dots themselves. Everything doesn’t have to be explained – when someone noticed this (last fall) people loved it because it wasn’t a campaign from the company. I missed writing about it then but when I found myself still smiling about it today I wanted to share it. The little things really matter.