Creating community…

I have worked with The Lab on a few occasions (and drank coffee there many many times).

I worked on the signage for a location that they opened inside an Arts Center, we needed something clean and simple that would attract people – we did that by using a brightly colored panel but keeping the illustrative diagrams clean and modern like the building itself. This was echoed in the menus, promotions and gift cards.

Recently they rebranded (I was delighted to work with them again) – the aim was to simplify – make it about good coffee and comfort – a place where everyone would feel welcome.  We started with the logo:

The new logo was deliberately minimalist but with a slight roundness to the letters to give a slightly more approachable image.

The simple line underneath the name represents two things:

1 Balance – the one thing that everyone that came into the coffee shop for was some kind of balance, whether they needed caffeine to give them energy, a quiet time-out to read, a place to meet, a space to work or a smile from a barista. We introduced that into the t-shirts and airpots by using the Refuel tagline –  and showing the energy running low.

2 A plus sign: Coffee + (or Tea +) – we asked on social media and got a long list of words from customers – coffee + conversation, coffee + a moment to think, coffee + a belly laugh, coffee + putting the world to rights, coffee + escaping my mother-in-law, whatever the reason, there is always a plus.

  • This is as far as we got when The Lab was acquired by a local roaster- yes, I design in the real world. I still drink coffee there.