I don’t have food allergies but this stopped in my tracks – “There are some paralysis inducing toxins in this fish”, “light coma, full coma or death” – I have never really thought about how deadly food can be.

A food truck set up in New York City that only sold food with poisons like – “Fugu Banh Mi – Crispy Pufferfish served with Hoisin Sauce cut non-traditionally to maintain its poisonous essence” – watch the video. Although only a stunt (no food was actually sold) this video makes you stop and think and that’s the point, to me when a dish contains nuts I think about them adding texture, not killing me.

This campaign- from BBDO nonprofit End Allergies Together (or E.A.T.) was created to raise both awareness of food allergies, and raise money for research.

The PSA will run in movie theaters this month. I would think about my popcorn twice after seeing it.

Showing is better than telling – this video puts you in the story as you can’t help but consider what it would feel like to eat something that could harm you. Brilliant work from BBDO New York.

Find out more about E.A.T here.

(via youtube and Adweek)