I learned something today, there is nothing as comfortable looking as a lion stretched out on an armchair – and it makes me believe it’s comfortable too. The concept of this commercial is that lions spend 18 hours a day relaxing, and the Ikea lion does it in style, waiting for the right moment (obviously at the end of the ad) to pounce. This ad is simple, but it all works together for exactly the right feel and message – your home is where you recharge so you can do great things. A nice example of simple storytelling, so much more powerful than saying “hey our chairs are really comfy” – and that voice over – how can you not relax listening to that voice? Now I’m going to curl up in my favorite armchair and drink tea and keep myself amused with lion puns (I have resisted saying things like ‘Ikea knows where to draw the lion’, ‘they are not lion about this’, and a few about roars and pride – insert your own animal crackers in here)

(via BestAdsonTV)