“Great ideas win. They sink their claws into slippery attention spans and don’t let go. They erupt and disrupt. They change how people think and influence what people do.”

How could I resist a book that starts that way?

I haven’t read it all yet… it only arrived on Saturday but The Creative Business Idea Book has me excited. Euro RSCG Worldwide are a creative agency, the global phenomena behind many of the best ad campaigns of the last decade. The book takes you through many of these campaigns and… (angels began singing at this point) each example  starts with the problem they were trying to solve. Can you bottle youth? How do you stand out in the World’s most crowded market? How can old media become new media? That last one is the story of the rejuvenation of the Polaroid brand. That is close to my heart (look at my blog header) What I would give for a day with endless Polaroid photos.

You’ll be hearing more about this book as I have time to sit and read it (it’s my coffee break book for the week). You’ll find it on my desk, next to my heart.

Full Disclosure: I was sent this book free from Euro RSCG Worldwide, they didn’t ask me to write about it, or like it, or even ever mention again in my life. This is how it happened. I read about the book and sent a tweet that said

“was just reading about The Creative Business Idea Book by @EuroRSCG – looks like it was made for me, wonder why i don’t have a copy?”

– and they responded. Now there is a company with their finger on the send key! Thank you to Lisa Gruber. You will be hearing from me. You rock!