This weekend I was reminded how much I love words. As Mark Twain said:

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”


I spent a day hunting for the right words with Wayne Geyer at a workshop called “Write More Good, Copywriting for visual thinkers”

He is slightly too quick for his own good, sarcastic, witty and yes, a little like me (although obviously far more accomplished and much more handsome).

It’s good for me to be reminded what it’s like to participate in a workshop rather than lead it. I  learn a lot about how it feels and what works as an attendee. This workshop works. I guess that’s the best thing you can say about any workshop.

Wayne has developed a simple (but very effective) framework for copywriting. I have always believed that frameworks make people more creative (you can’t think outside the box unless you know where the box is). Defining the actual problem that needs solving is like being handed magic beans – they are going to grow into something good.

Wayne is a wordsmith of the best kind, he uses clever. Check out his website, (he had me at submit) and if you get the chance to do a workshop, hear him speak or rent out his brain for a job. Do it.

Ok, now you’ve finished reading this, go to his website (it’s an experience). Talk about showing what you do, rather than just telling. Although I must say, I love cilantro!

Thank you to AAFAcadiana for putting this on.