Some pop-up shops aren’t about sales – they are often more to do with a clever way to promote the product.

It works – I just watched a video showing outdoor clothing (and now I’m writing about it). The “shop” was somehow attached the rock wall at Colorado’s Eldorado Canyon and was visited by climbers, who were given products from 37.5 Technology. I would equally watch the video of how they got it up there, and how stable it was.

Although I wish this was less set up it wins for me on many levels

  1. As stated above it got me to watch and I now know the name 37.5 Technology (big win).
  2. I already think of the brand as taking risks, just by creating this and thinking outside of the box (or half-way up a canyon).
  3. I presume the brand understands the needs of climbers.
  4. It made me smile. That’s always a win.

If you want to watch the video too, head on over to DesignBoom where I found this clever idea. (They feature lots of clever ideas if that’s what you are into)