While most of us are worrying about gifts, decorations, parties and food in December there are others that are concerned with simply keeping themselves and their children safe. December is one of the busiest months for those who help survivors of domestic violence and their children. This year Classic Auto Spa (who also sponsor this blog) are helping in a number of ways – they will donate a portion of every car wash, and every gift-card sold to Faith House, and they will act as a drop-off point for supplies that are always needed (there is a list in the .pdf). One easy way to help is to grab an extra gift card from Target or Walmart (or any grocery store) and drop that off at Classic Auto Spa while you get your car cleaned. If you are not in Lafayette, Louisiana (and I know most of you aren’t) You can help your local Program for survivors of domestic violence (I’m sure they all need the same stuff) and go and say thank you to Classic Auto Spa on their facebook page and let them know their action has spread.

Download the .pdf to learn more and see what supplies are needed. Thank you in advance, your action has helped – and what can be a better gift than that.