Here at Creating Clever we don’t have typical sponsors. I have to know them and love them. They have to be creative, have an amazing product and customer service that I’m proud to write about. So when Acme Taco approached me, it was a no brainer to say yes immediately.

Acme Taco are not your traditional Mexican – I could go on and on about how fresh, innovative and amazingly tasty their food is, or how their staff will treat you but I’m not even going to mention it (yes, I know) – Go and see them if you haven’t already. Visit their Facebook page for details and say thank you for sponsoring this blog (without them it wouldn’t be the same).

(And for those of you who are eagle-eyed you will have already noticed that there are two new logos over in the right hand column, yes Acme Burger (not your typical burger) is coming very very soon….. (yes, I’ll keep you in the loop)

Usually here I write something about if you are not in Lafayette, LA (and I know lots of your aren’t) then this is the equivalent. Today there is no equivalent – get here. Get here soon.