My local gelato bar – Carpe Diem Gelato – Espresso Bar is one of those businesses that is thriving and growing. My theory is that not only do they have a divine product but they are all about adding to the customer experience. Silvia – a good friend of mine (I believe in total disclosure) has just set up an Artist Corner (L’angolo dell’artista). It doesn’t just have books and games, it has drawing pads and pencils, blank note cards and envelopes, and even a gratitude book that people can write in (and they do).

It’s wonderful to see people using the stuff and of course, it produces a creative atmosphere. It’s beautiful. But think about it with your business head for a moment. You are taking your children out for a treat – Are you going to choose a place where they can entertain themselves with drawing, writing and playing games and you can visit with other adults, or a place that they simply get to eat “insert treat here”? And then, where are the children going to ask to return to (again and again). And yes, of course the adults can use the supplies. Not only is the gelato beautiful, but the atmosphere is too.

What is the cherry on your gelato? What (apart from your product which I assume is good) makes people come back again and again?