‘When it started 25 years ago (yes twenty-five years) I’m sure the Discovery Channel had no idea that Shark Week would become a national obsession. It just shows what can grow from a good idea. I love that my local cupcake shop – Sophi P’s Cupcakes make shark cupcakes to celebrate the week. They not only look (and taste) great but it’s clever marketing…. having something only available for one week a year gives it a scarcity value and wow factor that many business search for. Find the celebration that speaks to you and reflects your business – national Library week, talk like a pirate day, or even clown week. It’s easy for the press (and bloggers like me) to write about, it gets people’s attention on social media, and your business gets a reputation for being creative.

Shark cupcakes are only available until Saturday at Sophi P’s – sing the Jaws theme when you buy some (you wont’ get a prize but it may make them smile)