It’s getting clever over at The Lab. Yes, they are one of the sponsors of this blog, but I have a feeling I’d be writing about them anyway because we could all learn from them.

Thomas and Pam have always wanted to create more than a coffee shop. They want a place where customers and baristas interact, where strangers feel at home, and where community is built. At the end of last week, to celebrate 1000 likes on Facebook they introduced the “Rules of Engagement” – It’s a simple (but clever contest) that involves them putting a ‘phrase of the day’ on Facebook/ Twitter / Instagram (thelabexp), along with an action (the first day was ask “Do you have the time” and you had to tap on your wrist) – then all you have to do is locate a barista and engage them by saying the phrase and performing the action, and you get entered to win. It’s simple, but it creates interaction – you know it helps everyone have a good time.

Knowing the result you want to create is key, then it’s much easier to find creative ways to get to that. Maybe you should grab a cup of coffee and think about what you really want to achieve in your business.