I know it’s early but my first calendar arrived yesterday – and I know it won’t be the last.

I just find the combination of beauty and practicality hard to resist. I thought I’d put together some of the coolest wall calendars around. It’s still early so there will probably be more. Email me if you see one you think should be featured on creating clever.

1. Jumping Point Calender – So beautiful and classic. I want this. You punch out each day to reveal the color underneath.

2. Bubble Wrap Calendar – I had this two years running, it’s so rewarding to ‘pop’ the days away.

3. Alien Invader Calendar – This comes with a sharpie so that you can conquer the game as the year progresses (Jan starts at the bottom) – This makes me smile.

4. Hey Normal Day – This is just beautifully written, and at the end of the year you can cut the calendar bit off and just use it as a reminder of how precious each day is.

5. Carpe Diem Calendar – Each day is removable (it’s precut) so you can keep them separately and see the year dwindle as time passes. This fascinates me.

6 – Field Notes Workstation Calendar – I love the utility look of this and the fact that it was 547 days. This is the one that arrived yesterday, and I especially love that I can use it already. From the same people that bring you field notes – the notebooks.

Please send me any links to great calendars you find, I love it when you share cool stuff.