I must admit I have been a fan of idea paint since I heard the name. Now I have tested it I’m a fan for life.

One day, when I have my giant ‘thinking space’ – oh yes, there are plans in my head – everything will be painted with this magical stuff. This weekend I got sent my first actual swatch painted onto some dry wall and in person, it’s whiter, harder and more durable than I imagined. It seems as though all dry erase markers wipe off easily (with none of that typical whiteboard shadowing). I even wrote on it with a Sharpie (yes a permanent one) and it came off (it took a little gentle scrubbing) – I wouldn’t recommend trying it.

I have a wall waiting for this stuff, it’s not cheap by any means so I have to save up. But look out 2012 – this is your first project.

If I could I would paint EVERY surface in my office with this stuff.. I really don’t have anything bad to say about it. The guys who invented this took 10 years to get it perfect, and it shows.

Start with a small can, paint a table, a board, the back of your front door, a square on the wall. Paint something. This stuff is genius. Find out more here