While we are on the subject of walls (see post below) I thought I should show you what I have written on my wall this week.

Behind my desk I have a wall that just has thin batons of wood attached to it. I have used it for photos, for post-it notes and now it’s used for letters. I use those typical sign letters on plastic that businesses use (we also use them on our mantlepiece above the fireplace). I love how adaptable they are. It’s easy to find used (and cheap) sign letters on ebay.

This week’s quote is from Napoleon Hill. “Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes” – I believe he may be right about this.

These plastic sign letters have so many uses. Drill holes in the top to make a banner, use them as a great tag on a gift, decorate your teenagers room. Maybe I will have to write a blog post about this. What do you think?