Starting this week’s roundup of Clever Little Things are Mailchimp. They may win the internet in this category – and that’s why I’ve used them since the early days. This week I noticed that when you mouse over the different countries that open your emails (in my case the weekly email that you can sign up for over to the right – at the top of the page) it cheers in different languages. Hooray!

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 8.46.54 PM

Buzzfeed featured some clever stickers that made me laugh (yes, out loud). Found on trains in South West England – 


See more here (and learn who made them)

And to round off this week, I have to mention the lego commercial break that happened in England to celebrate the release of The Lego Movie. They recreated a whole breaks worth of commercials in lego. Genius… and funny.