This week’s Clever Little Things are really all the same – but different.

Blog post titles. It’s that simple. It doesn’t take much to make me smile and I came across a blog where the post titles make me smile. I was led there by a magical cyber dinosaur (or at the very least a recipe that appeared on Facebook) and I found myself in a land of puns (and yes, that makes me grin). Titles like “Sesame Treat” and “Oat Couture” got me reading – and I stayed (having lots of pun of course). “Bread Winner”, “Kale of the Wild”, “Turn the Beet Around” – yes I was happy now.

Then I found out that Spice wasn’t the final frontier – there were sections on Fashion, Beauty, Money, Travel, Books, Culture, Home – all containing more puns than I could shake a stick at.

Yes the articles are well written, although I got rather addicted to reading the headlines (out loud to my ever patient husband) and I think it’s my new go-to website. I didn’t get paid to write this, I don’t know the people involved (although we’d have fun over coffee) I just wanted to share with you that writing matters.

Click on over to PUREWOW and see what I mean.  You can find me on Facebook, Twitter or leave a comment below and share your favorite titles with me.



Pun loving