I don’t post much personal stuff here. I try and only post things that will spark your creativity, perk your interest, inspire your work and make you smile. So today all of those apply – but this is personal too. Clever and Personal.

My friend Moon Chang is running for Re-Prom Queen – and using clever to do it.

Re-Prom Queen is a fundraiser for the Lafayette Education Foundation (they do all kinds of cool things for schools and teachers – read about them here) and Moon was never Prom Queen the first time around – she has some sob-story about an all-girls school, and has her heart set on that shiny crown. She made some videos:

In a wonderful example of how to do things differently, Moon is running a campaign fit for a creative start-up – and I’m all for someone taking a creative approach to the usual mundane “I’m a good person, vote for me”.

DanceEcard3 DanceEcard2 DanceEcard

On her newly set up website (oh yes, she’s website serious) her four reasons why you should vote for her are:

1. I’m a Cajun-Asian! Born in Korea (South, not North); bred as a Yankee (Celtics 4-eva!); Cajun transplant with the cholesterol and blood sugar levels to prove it. We’re a rare (and apparently dying) breed.

2.Recent graduate of Driver Improvement School. (Not for DUI infraction but I’m pretty sure some who were in my class WERE drunk.) And yes, I’m allergic to alcohol. At least you know I can drive everyone home safely afterward.
However, sadly, it also means I’ll be doing my performance SOBER. Does it date me too much if I start asking for quaaludes?!

3. All-girls’ education (HS & college) – ‘Nuff said. I don’t think we HAD a Prom Queen. Or Homecoming Queen. Now in 3rd world countries, that might not be considered deprived but….

4. I grew up in a “sugar-free, wheat-free, fun-free house” ruled by a very strict Tiger Mom. Like Footloose – not a lot of dancing and music allowed. Prom Queen is antithesis of “sugar-free, wheat-free, fun-free!”

It’s refreshing to see a creative approach to fundraising – I think we can all learn from this. You should go and visit her site just to read the quotes from her children.

So do it for the kids, do it for Moon, do it because it sets a new standard in creativity in local fundraising. Do it just to laugh at the other videos, or see the quotes from her kids – go and vote for Moon at VoteMoon.com (it’ll cost ya, but it will be worth the lesson)