mid_box_1_1024x1024 big_box_2_grandeThe Depaul Box company in the UK are all about helping people move, both onwards and upwards.

“The Depaul Box Company was started by a youth homeless charity called Depaul UK. Instead of just relying on donations, we wanted to broaden our horizons and act like a business to raise money, rather than a charity.

So we thought out of the box. Everyone associates the homeless with sleeping on boxes, so why not sell boxes to help the homeless?”

What a beautifully simple idea. You buy your boxes from Depaul and they use some of the proceeds to help move young people on the street.

Their website has stories of those helped: “When Anthony was 16 his mum kicked him out of the house. Staying with his girlfriend’s family didn’t work out, so he found himself sleeping rough in parks and doorways. When Depaul UK found Anthony, he was depressed and drinking heavily. They helped him find a hostel and the support he needed. Recently Anthony sent a message to Depaul UK saying he’d found a job, patched things up with his girlfriend, and had just got his own flat. The only thing he needs a cardboard box for now is moving in.”

This made me smile. Thank you Depaul company. I will be recommending you to the whole of the UK. Go and visit them here. (via notcot)