Cakes, yes, but not as we know them. A bright idea from Emma Thomas – (aka Miss Cakehead) is designed to bring about awareness of, and raise money for, mental illnesses through a series of pop-up shops around the UK selling depressed cakes.

“The Depressed Cake Shop” will open in several U.K. locations in August under the premise that baking can ease worried spirits. The bakery will sell cakes made by people coping with depression. “There will be gloomy grey lemon-flavoured macaroons, clouds of grey meringue and dark grey cupcakes, whose colours will only be revealed on the inside.” The shop will donate their profits to charity.

I love this idea, the cakes have a beauty to them, and will definitely start many a conversation. This isn’t bright colors and rainbows and ‘let’s all be happy’ – this is a quite stunning way to make a point, and make some money for a cause.

Miss Cakehead is spearheading this clever campaign. So please go and learn more over at her site. There are plans to make this world wide as well, so if you want to join in go and find out more.