A couple of weeks ago on twitter I saw a tweet by Guy Kawasaki (the guy who suggested the red for the plugbug)– he mentioned something about being not in the zone. He had signed someone’s book with a (harmless) insult and showed a photo of it. Of course I loved it and tweeted back about how he could insult me if he ever signed a book for me. He sent me a link and my ‘clever idea’ alert went off in my head immediately. If you go to this page – it will explain more. You put up a photo of you holding Enchantment* , fill in a form and Guy signs a spare book jacket to you and sends it so you can put it on the book. Simple. A great way for him to get photos of people holding the book. A great way for his readers to get signed copies. Win/Win all around. I did it, not really to get the book jacket, but to remind me that there is often a very simple way of doing something.