Last Friday I launched this blog publicly (my newsletter subscribers heard about it the day before – I always tell them stuff first) – it’s been one week and wow, what a week. The numbers have exceeded my wildest plans thanks to the idea table being picked up by Lifehacker and that leading to an article on a local newspaper’s website. This isn’t a blog about numbers though- it’s a blog about ideas and connection. Nothing makes me happier than to know people are reading and sharing. Every time you leave a comment an angel gets its wings (or something very similar). I have had requests for a blogroll of other blogs I read and I’m working on that. I have linked Facebook with the comments so you should be able to leave a comment on the end of a post and it show up on Facebook as well. You can subscribe by clicking on the subscribe link (top right, in the navigation bar). Please keep coming back, commenting and sharing. Keep requesting the things you would like to see, sending me things you find interesting and pushing me to make this blog somewhere you want to come back to.

It’s been one week… and what a week it’s been. Thank you. Every one of you.