Marmite is an English spread that tastes like…. well Marmite there really is nothing that compares except maybe Vegemite – and that has it’s own unique flavor (I grew up with an Australian father so there were many Marmite / Vegemite discussions in our house). For those of you who have never tasted it, it’s salty and dark – and delicious in the strangest way. For years now Marmite have run a campaign with the tagline “Love it or Hate it” – Yes, it’s a pretty divisive brand. The ads have shown people hating the taste, and being repulsed. Sales have increased.

In this recent ad they ad the neglect factor. Every household in Britain probably has a neglected jar of this stuff in their cupboard – it get’s sticky and forgotten about. I love that the brand recognizes this, and plays with it beautifully. See video above – and please watch it until the end, the last scene is perfect.  From agency Adam&EveDDB (via bestadsontv)

Does you advertising show that you really know your brand.