I’m a big fan of Chipotle – their ethics and their advertising- and sometimes I do grab a burrito. I talk to many companies (big and small) who still believe that they can’t do things ‘right’ and survive in business. You can. Here’s proof.

As an idea chaser, I love all the little ways that Chipotle reinforce their brand and their message. When a company makes the little things clever you instinctively think they must have it all together.

Check out their website and use it to motivate your workplace or family this year. Do your values show? Does every little bit of what you do show who you are?

I love this in the Q&A section:

“Do you love me as much as I love Chipotle? 

Assuming your love of us falls within the generally accepted social constructs of right and wrong, then yes. We love you too. Drop us a line and tell us about how you feel in theTalk To Us section.”

I can’t mention Chipotle without mentioning the commercial they made last year: it still makes me smile (and I love this version of Coldplay’s The Scientist by Willie Nelson.

Have a value based business – it makes sense, business sense.