This project about New York City commuting called Subway Syntax, is actually pretty universal – I know from the London Underground. In this series by HunterGatherer we get the words we need to describe some of the unique things that happen on the commute. These made me smile, and slightly (I said slightly) miss my commuting days. Watch them all here.

I love the happy simplicity with which these are done – they convey a feeling of ‘we understand, this is all quite normal’. Sometimes something simple can explain something quite complicated – and make you smile.


“Pole Fault” — When a rider ignores implied personal space on a subway pole, letting his hand slide down until it touches yours.


“Subway Salmon” — Person or persons fighting against a flood of subway riders going in the opposite direction. This usually occurs as the train you are rushing to get on is emptying.

(via The Fox is Black)