When I was 4 or 5 years old I wanted to draw cornflake packets. I have no idea how I knew that this was someone’s job, or that I wanted to do it. I wasn’t easily swayed by the free gifts inside the packages, but by the colors and the words on the boxes.

When I finished college I worked as a packaging designer, I loved that you got sales figures, target market information, and could tell if your design was a success rather than just listen to people say it was beautiful. A cheap can of beans has to look like a cheap can of beans or people won’t trust it enough to buy it. I have always loved business as much as I love design.

I am lucky, I never wanted to be an artist, just a designer. When I found this quote it made me smile, I recognize the difference between “It’s finished when I feel it’s finished” and “I will have this by the 30th”, and that difference is so important.

(quote via quotesondesign)