It seems that we don’t yet have enough ways to hang things up – here are some of the newest, coolest ways to hang bottles, posters and


This space saving, clever way to store more beer is very clever. Bottle Loft uses magnets to stick bottles of beer to the fridge. I can’t stop watching the gif above, I have a feeling I’d been opening the fridge every two minutes to check them. Seems so simple and clever. Find out more here.

Good Hangups are a combination removable sticker and magnet combination – and look like they work pretty well. They seem perfect for kid’s art, and should protect your walls.

grapple_clothing_hook_entrance_yoga_backpack_grandeThe grapple hook is so simple you wonder why we haven’t all had one for years, it hangs from the ceiling and holds whatever you hang on it. I do like the way it looks and it feels slightly dangerous. Find out more here.