The ultimate accessory for the designer?

A Pantone visa card*

I wish all of the colors were available – what fun that would be – but they have the range below and (seemingly completely made up) descriptions of what the colors represent:

PANTONE’s Color of the Year for 2011:
PANTONE 18-2120 Honeysuckle Vibrant, Energetic, Captivating

PANTONE 14-0941 Beeswax Warm, Optimistic, Enlightened
PANTONE 16-1452 Firecracker Cheerful, Dynamic, Tuned In
PANTONE 15-3817 Lavender Insightful, Intuitive, Spiritual
PANTONE 18-4039 Regatta Trustworthy, Cool, Confident

*I do not recommend getting a new Visa card just because they are designed well – (pay them all off and only use credit in an emergency). They still made me smile though.

Find them in Pantone world.

Thumbs not guns

This had me totally fascinated – a whole blog where guns in movies are replaced by thumbs up signs:

jovovic simone g


Go and see them all at Thumbs & Ammo – I just love that someone thought of this and did it. (Two essential elements of any good idea)

The pinclip

Yasunori Nagatsuka, a designer has come up with a combination pushpin (drawing pin) and paper clip – so you can pin documents to the wall. I like it. Simple and quite beautiful.

pinclippinclip in action

Find them here. (via notcot)