In this week’s round of Clever Little Things (see the post that started this here) there is an age sign up that made me smile, and an unsubscribe video that may make you think twice.

When you sign up for Tumblr you are asked your age, a fairly normal thing on websites – the little thing that made me smile on Tumblr was that the, “years old” was replaced at a certain age with “years young” – that little bit of thought made me smile. Of course I had to find out where the cut off for old / young was. (See the image below)


Unsubscribe pages are always difficult places to be. You just want to get out of there fast, and they would love you not to be there at all. HubSpot have managed to take the awkwardness and make it into a wonderful break up video. If they can get you to watch it, it may make you smile enough to stay, or at least leave, but stay friends. HubSpot

I can’t embed the email here, so go to their break up page here. I don’t think I’ve ever sent anyone to a break-up page before.

Online we have a hundred little ways to make our customers and clients smile. Sign up forms don’t have to be generic if your brand isn’t. Opt in confirmations can make your readers grin, Newsletter sign ups can make them fall in love. Be a little braver, have a little more fun. Your potential customers deserve it.

Do you have great examples of Clever Little Things that you’ve noticed a company doing, or that your business does. Let me know in the comments below or by
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