A few weeks ago I took my car to a car wash (yes, I know it sounds like the start of the most boring story in the world). I had never taken my car though a car wash before (it’s a convertible and usually they are off limits). This one was different. I have to confess here, I’d watched it being built, just like most people in Lafayette and although it was impressive looking I’d dismissed it as a chain, and had never really thought about it again…. until I noticed something….. it was always busy – way after the newness factor had gone. I started to wonder what was so special. I found their website, and read up on them – ah, I thought it’s the price – I could get my care washed and valeted for $45.

One Saturday I decided to try it – I didn’t want to miss out on a bargain.

To say I was impressed is an understatement. I drive a white car with white seats and have my roof down way more than I should in the heat. The seats were dirty (the kind of dirt that gets worse when you clean it, before it gets better) and it was grubby. They worked on it until it looked like new. I met the owners (it’s family run) and heard a bit of their story – they traveled around the country looking at car washes, selecting the best features, and then they designed their own resulting in an impressive piece of architecture (and NOT a chain at all). Mark and Derek (father and son) are there every day, not sitting in an office, but with their sleeves rolled up and hard at work. That conversation lead to me asking them to do a BE YOU interview (yes they are going to be featured soon) and now to them being my latest blog sponsor (insert trumpet noises).

These guys rock, do great work, and a lot for the community (more about that in other posts). Please do and ‘like’ their Facebook page, and say hi, and thank them for helping make this blog possible – and if you are in Lafayette you should go and get your car cleaned – you will be thrilled.