Cena have been sponsoring my blog for a few months now, but I have to tell the truth I didn’t really know them very well. I kind of knew what they did, and knew the concept was clever (hence the great match for blog sponsorship) but now I’m thinking differently.

I sat down with Billy (the owner) and had a good talk. He is passionate about food and wine, and soon had me won over to the concept. Cena basically do three things : the cafe, catering and ready to cook. I opted for the ready to cook option this time… and he recommended the Authentic Chicken Enchiladas (3 for $16, 6 for $26) and a bottle of wine (recommended by Billy and only $13). 30 mins in the over later…. I think the pictures will tell the story…

They were giant (I was very pleased we opted for a salad with them), delicious, packed with chicken, and well let’s just say I had to hide the third one from my husband so it would be left for him to take to work for lunch today. The wine was delicious, soft and dry and mmmmmm. (I’m not sure they are proper wine terms, but I will be buying more bottles) My husband was won over (and that’s not easy). As we finished the meal he looked up, smiled and said “What are we trying next?….”

If you are in Lafayette, pop into Cena and find out more. You can eat lunch or/and take something home to cook. Yes, they sponsor my blog so I try to write about anything interesting they are doing… but now I know that what they do everyday isn’t just clever, but yummy too.

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