This may be my favorite kickstarter yet, but that’s because these are my friends and I’m the Creative Director on the project (how’s that for full disclosure).

It does mean that I know first hand how good their rewards are, I mean you get to name your own pickle, or design your own pork – this is stuff that money can’t buy, well it can at the moment (if you are quick) but it’s even not on the shelf in your local cool food store.

Abi and Manny are ready to open their own premises, a place of food, and fun, and friends. If you’ve tasted their goodies then you are probably no longer reading this, just looking for the link to click on (it’s coming). HERE

Be part of building something great. Help Bread & Circus get a place in which we can eat, shop and become better people (and yes, there may be tap dancing)

ANOTHER LINK (in case you missed the first one)

Thank you for your support. Remember me when you are enjoying some of the best food you will ever taste.