Yesterday in New York I grabbed a sandwich and a juice from Pret a Manger – it’s a place I know well from London. One of those businesses that serves great, fresh, simple food and still has a heart and a sense of humor.

Yesterday I noticed that they still do the little things right. Those of you who have used me for business coaching, or heard me speak, know that I believe that those little things matter because when you get those right your customers trust you on the big things too. The little things are a chance to show you care more, you think more, and that you will go that extra mile to make the customer experience better.

What do I mean by little things? I mean things like this bottle cap (sorry about the iphone photo). It says BEST WHEN CHILLED (as indeed we all are). That made me smile. I mean things like the ingredient list on the juice “Florida tangerine juice (100%). Nothing else” – that ‘nothing else’ made me grin. I’m a sucker for the little things.

Add those to the bigger things like their Made Today, Gone Today promise and you have a business that shows quality, heart, and values. It’s the right thing to do.