I’m writing two columns today (and I’m not even charging you any extra). Read both and then decide which one you agree with. Either way you will be right.
Column one:
You can’t trust anyone these days. Everyone is just out for themselves and people don’t care about each other like they used to. The World economy is collapsing and things are just getting worse all the time.

It’s impossible to be a success in business unless you tighten your belt and get every penny out of the customer you can. Good customer service is a thing of the past. The new generation of workers are rude, selfish and entitled. I worry about the future of the country when these kids grow up to be in charge. They have no values and are just out for what they can get. They are lazy and unmotivated and just play video games all day.
No one really communicates anymore, thanks to the internet. We used to live in a great community, but nowadays no-one knows their neighbors and they don’t help each other out like they used to. Crime is rampant and no-one is safe anywhere.
The only way to survive is to look out for yourself, to do what is best for you. Grab what you can while you can get it. You only have to read the papers to know all of this is true.

Column two:

Wow, we’ve been through some changes in the past few years. There have been some tough times and businesses have really had to step up and improve how they operate. Customer service is vital and the core values that people (and organizations) really shine through. Creativity and communication are changing the world, and helping businesses do the ‘right thing’ and succeed because of this.
Communities are getting stronger, there is a whole new generation of workers who have strong values and morals and are changing the world. They care about their community, both on local, national and international level.  Communication (thanks to the internet) is transparent, immediate and vital. These young workers are driven, informed and will change the way we all do business for the better.
We all do better if we work together, when we are driven by values and outcomes that help everyone succeed. We can all make a difference and help to create a better world for everyone.

We can’t change what happens to us, but we can choose our attitude towards it, and therefore our actions. Are you living in fear or fearlessness? When you look ahead do you see fun or famine? Do you operate from a position of abundance or scarcity. All of these things affect the outcomes you get. Maybe you can’t change the world in a day, but you can start with changing your attitude, maybe it will make a bigger difference than you think?

This column first appeared in The Daily Advertiser on Tuesday June 19th 2012, all the usual rights and stuff are reserved.