In a strange, and sometimes humorous set of ads jeans company, Wrangler show the difference between those who would wear their brand and those who wouldn’t. In a world where most brands say things like: “our brand is for everyone” or “our aim is for 3 billion people to wear our jeans” it’s refreshing to see a company know who they are and what they are not.

Ilaria Pasquinelli, brand marketing lead at Wrangler Europe declares:

“With this campaign we want to inspire our longtime fans and new consumers to live the Wrangler way. It’s a celebration of life and the brand’s soul”

Hmmmm… I’ll watch what happens. Meanwhile here are some of the other images in the campaign, the strange, the odd, and the obvious.

wrongler-hed-2015 wrongler-2 wrongler-5 wrongler-11 wrongler-10 wrongler-9 wrongler-4