You know those great ideas that you hear about after they are finished and think ‘I would have liked to be a part of that’ – well good news, you are still in time to take part in a very cool project  – “Wish For The Future is a creative platform to empower everyone to shape the world around them and create a better future now.

What would you say to your great-great grandchild? To future generations?

Together, let’s create a story world that envisions a better world. Today begins a two-month activation that begins with one simple request: Make a wish, a Wish for the Future.

Here’s how you can participate:

1.     Make a wish for the future in 140 characters or less.

2.     “Grant” a wish by choosing someone else’s wish and expanding on it in an idea, story or action. Granted wishes can be shared by posting a link/photo/video/audio clip on or on Twitter @GOOD using #W4tF.

3.     We place your wishes and granted wishes into a time capsule for 100 years.

That’s right, a time capsule, one that 100 hundred ninth-graders from NYC’s Quest to Learn will design…with you. During the next two months, we as a community will think about what the time capsule should look like, where it should be buried and what should be put inside.

Ok time to stop reading and start wishing…. please share this with all the good people you know. (thank you and all the people behind Wish for the Future)