I’ve always loved the stuff from Twelve South (I own more than a couple of their beautifully designed products) but their new plug (the plugbug) had me thinking. Not because it’s a great idea, it is (as always) and it’s very useful. It allows you to charge your mac book and ipad/iphone at the same time. But what turns it into clever for me (and that’s what I’m fascinated with) is the reason why it’s red.

The obvious thing to do with any mac product is make it white (it’s a no brainer, right?) but the lucky (genius) people at twelve south showed a prototype to Guy Kawasaki* and he suggested the color. Why? Because the product should be visible. If you are using the charger in an airport or public space it’s great branding to have your product noticed. Otherwise the genius would just blend in. That flash of red will be responsible for many sales.

Does your branding get you noticed? In the right way? What is your flash of red?