An interesting concept here, knowing that we have all complained about the weather forecaster getting it wrong, Toyota decided to do an experiment. (Well an ad framed as an experiment to make it interesting enough to watch).

In the two-minute spot, three television forecasters are given special versions of the car to drive, with a sunroof rigged to stay closed when he or she predicts rain, and open when he or she expects it to shine—regardless of what actually comes out of the skies. They are also given weather (forecast) appropriate clothes to wear.

The result – a nice, somewhat predictable, idea piece that has me looking at ordinary daily events differently – and by differently I mean “How could I use that in an ad?” differently. Take our ubiquitous experiences and branding them is a good way to say ‘we understand’ – and we all want someone to understand.

And sometimes we like to blame the weatherman.