I’m not big into Halloween (I know, I know – it’s everyone’s favorite holiday) – I blame the fact that I was bought up in England where we didn’t really ever understand the ‘trick or treat’ thing – how come no one says trick?

Anyway, I digress. I’m not big into Halloween but I do really like these cool masks by Steve Wintercroft – They are all downloadable pdf’s so you make them yourself and even get to use whatever bits of boxes and card you have laying around.

He has a wide range of cool designs (I love the angles) including a Fox, Owl, Chihuahua, Bear, Stormtrooper, Skull, Rabbit – It’s probably easier if you click over there for yourself. CLICK HERE. Put down that messy pumpkin and start making a mask.

They would also be great for parties throughout the year and school plays, dress up and just to make on a rainy afternoon.