I just signed up for this – a simple cloud based collaboration tool from Skylar Challand – I’m going to be testing it over the next few days, but I’m quite excited about the possibilities. According to SwissMiss :

“At its core, Dropmark is a simple was to organize and collaborate with anyone in the cloud. They managed to make it simple enough that anyone could use it.
You can drag any types of files right from your desktop (or the web) into these collections—documents, website links, images, audio, video, text, anything.
Some surprisingly magical stuff happens when you start combining these together.

Let’s say you want to send a friend a few links to look at. Instead of sending an e-mail and pasting in a bunch of links, you can create a Dropmark collection and instantly have one short link that you can send instead. And the collection and be updated at any time.”
Dropmark is technically in beta until Mar. 1st, but they’ve created an invite code for swissmiss readers: Sign up here and use”swissmiss”. The invite code gets early access + 1 GB free storage if used before March 1st 2012.

Thanks SwissMiss for another great find – you rock!