I was on the phone to my Mum the other day and she was telling me about an advert on British TV that is so clever that it makes her stop and watch every time she hears the music start. I told her I would share it on my blog (yes, she reads my blog). I found it online, and yes, it made me smile – but what was really clever hit me next. The Freeview website had obviously prepared for people to love the ad – and had a lot of extra material waiting – Animated gifs (Mum, they are images that move) to share on social media, links to other love duets, a way to replace all the photos on your website with cat and budgie (parakeet) scenes (don’t worry it’s just for fun) and strangest of all the introduction of their pet – Trevor the budgiecat. Here’s a video of him getting into trouble:

This is how to get your commercial shared on social media – think of all the extras! You can find even more here. I bet my Mum is smiling now (Hello Mum).