I love the new rebranding over at Evidently – talk about showing what you do. There are some gems hidden in their work – and you know how much I love clever! – As I say outloud nearly every day, but I try not to write on here every single post – the reason I love clever design is because if you’ve thought of the little stuff then I trust you on the big stuff. I am always teaching people to ‘show me what you do, don’t just tell me’ – the guys at Evidently are evidently already good at this stuff. Next time I’m in any of the same cities they are in, I’d love to visit with them – you know we’d get on.

Go and have a look around their site – it’s worth it for perfect moments like “Evidently has rebranded (and all I got was this lousy blog header) and while you are there download a copy of their manifesto – I’ll leave you to find it (the penguins have it)

Yes, I think I have a crush. Evidently. (via design taxi – thanks guys)