Sometimes it pays to stop and think. This is a great example of asking “instead of bringing things to us, why don’t we go to where the things are?” – So logical, so effective. I don’t put this here for you to copy, but to be inspired and change the questions you are asking. Changing the question will get you a different answer.

Leo Burnett, Johannesburg asked the question differently: Every year the Salvation Army have a blanket drive to collect blankets for the homeless, they do it in winter because that’s when they need the blankets. The team from Leo Burnett asked “Why not start collecting before we need them?” and “Where are the blankets used?”

They then attended a cricket match (South Africa vs Australia) – it’s a place where people bring blankets to sit on. Instead of asking people to donate, they just asked people to leave their blankets behind. The only action people had to take was to get up and walk away from something that you’d already brought. They collected 10% of their annual drive in just four hours: