Who wouldn’t love to sit down and brainstorm pizza, in fact, who hasn’t sat down with some friends, maybe a beer (or three) and discussed new pizza inventions… You haven’t? Are we even friends? The people at Canadian restaurant chain Boston Pizza together with agency Taxi Canada, have come up with a plethora of (and by plethora I mean 13) creative ideas and are allowing their customers to vote on them – and yes, they will make the one that wins. The pizza cake is leading at the moment.

pizzacake pizzamints pizzabeardkin

This campaign is also a chance for them to sneak in some of their new creations (pizza taco, the Calzono , pizzaburger sliders, a Sriracha chicken pizza, and a candied bacon carrot cake) – and it’s certainly getting some attention. Clever, very clever.

See the other inventions (and even vote) here.

(via fastcocreate)