Packaging SP13-blackwell-3 SP13-fey-3 SP13-grable-4 Perfect_BasicsElizabeth & ClarkeA while back I found a cool little website that offered 3 shirts for $20 – they looked good, I umed and arrred but then I thought “what do I have to lose?” (the answer apparently is $60) – this week they arrived…… I LOVE THEM (the one I wasn’t completely sure about is actually my favorite). I thought long and hard about sharing this, a bit of me wants to keep them a secret, but that’s not fair to anyone (and this company deserves to succeed). The shirts are delivered in beautiful package that makes you feel like a fashion designer sent you a personal gift. They are floaty and classic with a quirky twist (just my thing). The shirts change every season (I received the items pictured above). I just checked out the new styles on the site and I’m already looking forward to June. There is even one called the Bennet – but alas it’s not named after me. They are all named after famous Elizabeths.  Do your wardrobe and style a favor and go and check them out here. This not only makes business sense for them (sell before you buy) but is great value that is passed onto us – and that is creating clever!

(To Melanie – thank you for such a beautiful company)