As a blogger I often get asked to review things, I’m pretty fussy about what I will write about on my blog as I don’t want this site to ever promote things I don’t think are clever or creative enough. A few weeks ago I was contacted by the guys at Threadsmiths, asking if they could send me a t-shirt. I agreed, and said I’d check it out and write about it IF it was clever enough.

The t-shirt is a classic white shirt, iconic and soft, 100% cotton and oh yes, it repels water and dirt. It’s hydrophobic nanotechnology (words that make you sound smart) means that you can spill stuff on it and it comes off easily… You know I had to test that, and all was well until… watch for yourself…

Find out more over at – I would buy one (or three). Smart, stylish and clever!

*ps. The t-shirt I was wearing when I filmed this was stained by the Siracha and it hasn’t washed out.